CHASE offers an integrated suite of world-class learning resources and tools for educators to help their learners to literacy success.

Balanced Literary Resources

CHASE supports teachers with all the necessary tools to implement the Balanced Literacy approach for the successful teaching of reading:

  • Key Links Shared Readers, Guided Readers, Read-Alouds and Teachers’ Toolboxes
  • Connectors and Into-Connectors Readers and Teachers’ Guides
  • Flixies Intermediate Phase Readers and Teachers’ Guides
  • Code is the Key and Catch up Your Code Phonics Programmes

Software Solutions

  • Using the Response to Intervention Framework (RTI) “support, prevent, remediate”, the beagle® software solution uses assessment data analytics to direct targeted interventions and provide insights proven to help teachers close gaps in learner performance
  • The award-winning iUgo lesson-planning tool saves teachers time and ensures curriculum implementation, coverage, consistency, and co-ordination

Assessment and Levelling

  • Our Key Links Benchmark Kit ensures learners are grouped correctly for guided reading and use the appropriate level resources
  • Group and Individual Assessments from Code-ed, and other international assessment providers may be used in conjunction with the beagle® software to provide critical insights into learner progress and inform teacher instruction

Training and Consultation

Training and Consulting services for educators, School Management Teams, and Education Officials to suit diverse developmental needs. Topics include:

  • Implementing the Balanced Literacy Approach
  • Assessment and data-analytics
  • Developing 21st Century Skills
  • Literacy Strategy for schools
  • Systems Thinking for school strategy development

Members of:

isasa independent schools association of southern africa
Literacy association of South Africa
ibby south africa