Time-saving software for targeted teaching

The time-saving iUgo software brings all the elements of good quality curriculum planning into one place.

Data Analytics for Insights and Interventions

CHASE offers the beagle® assessment agnostic software tool to analyse assessment data for diagnostic, formative and summative purpose so as to recommend support, prevention and remediation.

Consulting and Training

Training and Consulting services for educators, School Management Teams, and Education Officials to suit diverse developmental needs.


CHASE offers a range of internationally recognised assessments for use by Educators, registered Education Psychologists and Psychometrists to provide accurate feedback on learner ability, wellbeing and progress.

iUgo Planning Tool

iUgo is a cloud-based curriculum information and flexible planning tool that supports departments, districts, schools and teachers to create, adapt and share lesson plans and resources, ensuring curriculum coverage, consistency and time-saving. iUgo helps teachers effectively plan in accordance with their curriculum, saving oodles of time, and eliminating the need to reinvent the wheel every school year. iUgo also keeps administrators informed, providing a clear picture of their teams’ teaching and learning.

Consulting and Training

Partnering with SACE Accredited Training providers, CHASE offers Continuing Professional Teacher Development in topics as diverse as ‘Implementing the Balanced Literacy Approach’, ‘Assessment and data-analytics for the classroom’, ‘Literacy Strategy for schools’, and ‘Systems Thinking for school strategy development’.

beagle® Assessment Data Analytics Tool

Offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) on a subscription basis, beagle® uses student assessment data smartly to identify barriers to success and target support, prevention and remediation. Please contact CHASE to request a demo and free consultation on how beagle® can help you use assessment data to impact learner progress.