A Reading Assistant for Every Teacher!

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Amira is the reliable classroom assistant that assesses oral reading fluency (ORF), screens for dyslexia risk, provides reading practice and delivers detailed reporting.

Amira Learning™ is the culmination of 20+ years of reading research and applied reading science from leading US universities and researchers. Developed in conjunction with leading psychometricians, neuroscientists, reading scientists, and AI researchers, Amira generates instructional recommendations with every interaction, saving teachers time while providing actionable insights. Successfully trialled in South A.frican Schools, frequent practice with Amira improves English reading fluency at >2x the normal rate of learning.


Research shows that Amira delivers the same or greater impact as a human tutor supporting on a one-on-one basis. This is an effect-size shift of >0.42 (considered meaningful) for English home language learners, and for EFAL, Amira delivers an effect-size shift of >0.8 with sustained use of 30 mins per week. This is more than 3 times the normal rate of learning. Gold Standard evidence supporting Amira’s effectiveness includes more than 100 published research papers and was selected in TIME MAGAZINE’s top 100 Innovations that will change the world 2021.


Amira Learning provides the first assessment that offers teachers two universal screeners in one place. Amira assesses oral reading fluency and screens for dyslexia risk. The oral reading fluency assessment listens to a reader, carefully and accurately noting any errors. The dyslexia screener, which utilizes Rapid Automatized Naming, provides early identification of students at risk for dyslexia, enabling early intervention. Amira automatically builds running records, saving teachers time and eliminating hours of administrative tasks.

Practice and Assessment

Amira engages each student 1:1 in reading practice delivered through a patient, highly trained avatar that listens to a student read aloud and provides immediate feedback—whether in or out of the classroom. In under ten minutes, Amira’s assessment data provides teachers with the actionable insights they need to help inform instruction and grouping decisions. Amira’s assessment and practice work together to provide an evolving portrait of the class’s progress.


Amira Learning is available in a number of licensing options for students and teachers and requires only an internet connection and a compatible browser. It is optimized for use with and iPad® and Chromebook™ devices, laptops, tablets, and more. Rates are R425 per learner per year with discounts applicable for volume or extended duaration.

CHASE EDUCATION SOLUTIONS partners with Amira Learning to bring Amira to South Africa.