Literacy expert, Jill Eggleton, introduces reading aloud as vital to the Balanced Literacy Approach. Children must hear books being read aloud competently with expression to emulate and to connect with stories that spark their imaginations and create opportunity for discussion and social-emotional learning.

Jill Eggleton introduces Shared Reading as a whole class activity to build reading confidence. It is a collaborative activity where the teacher models reading and the class joins in as the week progresses. ‘Big Books’ with robust vocabulary, rhythm, rhyme, and repetition encourage learner participation.

Jill Eggleton demonstrates how daily rereading of a Shared Reading book with a whole class builds learner proficiency. Teachers use Shared Reading books and the built-in support to showcase print conventions, punctuation, vocabulary, and phonics, and provide stimulus for writing, speaking and listening.

Literacy expert, Jill Eggleton, introduces group Guided Reading as a teacher aided activity where the teacher works with a small group of learners matched for their ability to read at a similar level at 90 to 94 percent accuracy with teacher support.

Literacy expert, Jill Eggleton, demonstrates how to use group Guided Reading to provide opportunities for learners to apply known strategies to work out words, deal with difficult sentence structure, and understand conventions they have not encountered before. The intention is to build towards Independent Reading.

Literacy expert, Jill Eggleton, shows how Fluency Level learners share responsibility for predicting, clarifying, questioning, summarising, giving opinions, making connections, and visualising prompted by guidance panels in the text. The goal is for learners to develop comprehension strategies to be able to read to learn.

Connectors by Jill Eggleton actively develop oral language skills and comprehension strategies for independent readers.Connectors by Jill Eggleton actively develop oral language skills and comprehension strategies for independent readers. Connectors books use the small group Peer Reading approach and with each book exploring a topical

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