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I am passionate about poetry. I am passionate because of its influence on my personal life and how it has sparked the imagination and enriched the language skills of the children I have taught.

As learners return to school after an extended holiday compounded by the Covid-19 induced lockdown, I feel a sense of anxiety for parents and teachers. How do you entice students to read every day to make up for the disruptions of the year?

The day after my mother’s funeral, I went to school, a baffled and bewildered five-year-old. Everything was the same, yet everything was different…

COVID-19 came, an invisible thief. Silently and stealthily, it infiltrated every corner of the globe, and it stole. It stole lives, it stole freedoms, it stole friendships, and it stole ‘learning time,’ a precious treasure of the young.

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