Who We Are

Our Values

CHASE is dedicated to the upliftment of society and the economy through education improvement, focusing on economic mobility through literacy improvement in particular.

We partner with both local and globally recognised experts within our network.

We are a proudly South African company operating in emerging and developing countries with Systems Thinking at the centre of what we do.

We believe that teachers are important. We know that the most impactful learning occurs when a collective of committed teachers believe that they can positively influence learner outcomes together and strive to do so.

Philosophy and Approach

We subscribe to the Balanced Literacy approach supported by a wealth of exceptional, engaging resources that allow learners to experience reading confidence.

We know that the ability to decode text using phonic knowledge and phonemic awareness improves reading comprehension and should be taught explicitly as well as being integrated into Shared Reading and Guided Reading lessons.

Adopting the RTI framework of “support, prevent, remediate” coupled with formative assessment and data analytics, enables schools to dramatically improve literacy performance.

We subscribe to integrating 21st Century skills into teaching and learning programmes to promote higher order thinking.

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